Exclusive caps of Michelle in Mysterious Skin

There are more images added into the following galleries: Sundance Film Festival, Photoshoots and Outtakes (these are new, stunning photos.. make sure you check out) and Jeff Vespa Photoshoot. Thanks to Bene for some of them. One new article has been added to the press section, it can be found above as well. I am glad the forum is going well, if you'd like to post elsewhere for other fandoms then join FanForum, there's an amazing Michelle thread there (I post all the time) and hopefully a board soon.


There are a few more images of Michelle at the Sundance Film Festival. Three new articles have been added to the press section and can be found above under latest news. Some affiliates have been added, make sure you check them out. Entries have been added to the following sections: Capture Michelle, Gimme an 'M' and song dedications. The setups for This or That and the weekly poll have been updated (make sure you vote), as have Picture of the Week and Quote of the Week. There are a whole bunch of images of our girl at the Sundance Film Festival, a gorgeous portraits shoot, pics from the premiere and others. Make sure you check them out. There are two new articles in the press section, the links are above as usual. The third part of the SMTV Live interview is now in the videos section, thanks to Phillip for that. I have a ton of misc stuff that needs to be added, I will do that soon.

I am so excited about these! :) Michelle looks so pretty in all of them and the movie looks soooooo good! Really dark and edgy. Onto other news! Ice Princess will be filming in Toronto Canada, from April 19th to June 25th. That is almost a two month shoot. Two new articles have been added to the press section (under the latest news section). More brand new images: Motorola Toys for Tots, Hollywood Awards Gala and The Singing Detective. More site additions and updates soon! Enjoy all the new movie screencaptures and appearance images.

Sorry everyone! The site exceeded its bandwidth again. Fortunately this time I was able to be allocated more bandwidth from my incredible host. This should fix all the problems I have been having, I am not sure what the limit will be this time so I'll keep most off the videos offline for now.

Onto the more important news. Word is that the Eurotrip DVD will be released on June 1st. You can now pre-order the DVD from Amazon. The special features listed so far are unrated menus, exclusive unrated deleted scenes, making of nude beach, Scotty Doesn't Know video, Scotty Doesn't Know karaoke, filmmaker and party commentaries and deleted scenes. There are covers out for two of the versions; you can view them here and here. I hope Michelle does a commentary or is interviewed or something. HBO has begun airing some promos for the new season, I don't think our girl is featured but keep an eye out anyway!

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