Michelle Trachtenberg

Mad TV – Buffy Parody

A Buffy Parodie on WAD TV, stares to Michelle Trachtenberg and Mrs. Schwan.

Michelle Trachtenberg @ Eurotrip

Michelle Trachtenberg @ Eurotrip

Michelle Trachtenberg @ Trembled Blossoms Screening

clip of michelle trachtenberg at the Trembled Blossoms screening

The Dive From Clausen’s Pier Movie. Part 5

hey that is the film the dipping course of Clausen& #39; s jetty with Michelle Trachtenberg

Against The Current

On the five year anniversary of the death of his pregnant wife, a thirty something financial writer decides to mark the day by swimming the length of the Hudson River, all 150-miles of it. He enlists his best friend Jeff and a schoolteacher Liz to come along, with all three looking for some soul-searching in [...]