Michelle Trachtenberg

Frisco Verdes – Trachtenberg

Frisco Verdes performing their song Trachtenberg live at Tada Theatre on 9/16/08. One of the great things about this particular venue was that it felt like a private concert since it looks like they are playing in someone’s living room. The other great thing about this venue was the great lighting. You can actually SEE [...]

The Trachtenberg Family opening for Kate Nash

They can’t be serious.

Frisco Verdes – Trachtenberg

Frisco Verde Durchfà ¼ hrung recently new song named Trachtenberg live @ Uncle Mike& #39; s at the 9/5/08. They können see tatsächlich, Garry!

Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Band!

Their music? just as intrigue

Evans blue vs Michelle Trachtenberg BY irish280red

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