To the gallery I have added more High Quality Candids

This time from Emmy Awards, Buffy Wrap Party, Bringing Down the House and A Guy Thing, this brings the total image count to over 10,000! Yay! I haven't yet had a chance to work on the video clips but hopefully I will tonight; if I do I'll edit this update and add them in. I also added a little section for the UK Michelle fans to the TV Schedule. More soon!


I found a little more info on the Eurotrip release dates. It turns out that the movie title Off the Map (or Off The Mat) is in fact the New Zealand title for Eurotrip. The movie is expected to be released on June 3rd. I am not completely sure if this info is correct but I hope to verify it soon. I haven't found any other release dates as yet.

Onto other news there has been several new pieces added to the press section: Calling All Skaters (open call for female figure skaters aged 12 to 17 to appear in Michelle's new movie Ice Princess, so if you fit the criteria and are interested be sure to check it out, all the information is there), Six Feet Dawn (for the third episode in the arc it is speculated that Michelle's character Celeste will be appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show) and TV Gal Frets for Underused Characters.

I have added a new video compilation from the Eurotrip trailer (made by Jok1) to the media section. It's a great watch! The videos I promised will be coming soon! I am working night shifts for the start of this week but as soon that is done I'll add the clips. Also I have got some brand new event photos - I have started adding these (at the moment Toys for Tots and Return of the King) and I'll add some more each update. Many of these are rare and they are all in fantastic quality. Michelle is mentioned in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. It is just a small piece which confirms Michelle's role in Six Feet Under. Thought it might be of interest.

Also if you check out the MTV article on the Echo video clip you'll see it has been edited to say 'new friend' instead of 'current girlfriend'. So maybe Michelle and Chris are just friends. Who knows!? Onto site updates; in the media section I have added the Bikini Video in another format (.mpg) as by request of a few fans. Plus to the gallery several new High Quality images (from Return of the King, Women's Power Breakfast 100 and Motorola Toys for Tots). These are great poses so enjoy!

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