Oh and the casting for Ice Princess is underway

As far as I know skater Juliana Cannarozzo has landed the part of Zoe (check the char descript. for more info on the role), Sandra Jean Rucker will be a skating double for one of the main characters and young skater Kirsten Olson has been cast in a speaking role. I don't know of any other roles/doubles as yet but I may soon. I'll post in anything I find.


Here you will find news and print information of Michelle's articles, interviews and all the latest news relating to Michelle and her career. All these articles and interviews took a long time to collect so if you would like to use anything please e-mail me first. Best lines and inspiration from this young actress, compiled list from her interviews as well as feature articles written about her and her work.

I have been asked to help promote Michelle's new movie, Eurotrip. So I have lots of goodies for you all. By clicking on the banner below you can visit brand new sites which are part of the original Eurotrip Movie Site. Some of the material is worth watching so check it out. Be warned that it is viewable for fans who are 18 years and over (banner moved to top of the page, above updates). Also I have added even more High Quality Candids (Saturn Awards, Blue Crush and Teen Choice 2002).

More of these will be coming next update. Also a little piece of info, the Eurotrip trailer has been spotted on television - so if you haven't seen it yet keep your eyes open, I have had reports of it being aired on several channels! There hasn't been anymore recent news other than the Globes attendance; so I'll leave you all to enjoy the pictures.

The Official Eurotrip website now has a new section called Games and Downloads. There you will find two games as well as a couple of wallpapers (various sizes both featuring Michelle) and several AIM icons (one with Michelle). Also there is a new little Michelle pic on the site in the right hand corner. All the Michelle related media - the wallpapers and icons have been added in the extras section.

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