Provillus hair loss shampoo for Her & Him

People who struggle with hair loss are eager to find out how Provillus works and if this is the treatment that will finally save them from complete baldness. Fortunately for them, this remedy for shedding is just as easy to explain as it is to use. Its main advantage is that it can eliminate balding symptoms in less than six months of constant use. Over 97% of the consumers have regained their natural mane with very little effort and without reporting any negative side effects.

How does a hair loss treatment work?

Hair loss happens as a result of various factors. Growing old, going through physical stress and even genetic heritage can be responsible for losing your threads. Contrary to general opinion, this process can be reversed. By using a baldness treatment like Provillus you are guaranteed to gain back those precious locks around your forehead. This product is based on an exclusive combination of nourishing substances, vitamins and herbal essences. The latter are extracted from plants that have been proven to have a high nutritional value that puts an instant stop to shedding.

An efficient hair loss remedy is one that contains minoxidil. This substance is the only known chemical compound that encourages the production of new threads without delivering any adverse side effects. Its main action is directed at the follicles located beneath the scalp, which are forced to come out of their dormant state and regrow new locks. Provillus combines a high amount of minoxidil with minerals and enzymes to create a 100% safe solution against baldness.

Can Provillus prevent balding?

An increased number of threads that you find on your pillow every morning is a clear sign of alopecia areata. This medical condition is more commonly known as hair loss and it leads to complete baldness if it is left untreated. This ailment is common for both men and women who have surpassed the age of 45. Provillus has created two versions of the same product - each one dedicated to a gender and developed in accordance with the hormonal needs of every sex. As a result, the alternative for men has a higher amount of minoxidil and a special extract from saw palmetto. This substance is known to cure male pattern baldness and to increase the production of testosterone, which is crucial to the wellbeing of a man.

Women lose their hair too and can even resort to wearing a wig once the last thinning threads leave their scalps. Balding for them is an even greater reason for social rejection than for men. However, by following a shedding remedy like Provillus for women, they have a reliable chance to grow back their locks and regain their younger looks


The product designed especially for them contains a powerful dose of biotin. This substance is responsible for cell regeneration and it usually decreases when a woman goes through pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause. In less than a year of daily intake, this treatment against baldness can stabilize the level of biotin and ensure that the follicles produce new hair from stronger roots.


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